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about us

world trade sponsor(wts),inc.

  • established in 2008;

  • registered in usa;

  • making up of a team of the occupation managers and professionals with experienced and industrial background;

  • owning two plants in ningxia province, china and shandong province,china. the one is for hydrogen cyanamide (pesticide registration certificate no#: pd20212067) widely used as the plant growth regulator on various fruits and vegetables, and the other is for 1-mcp widely used in keeping various fruits and vagetables fresh for a different longer time;

  • serving small and medium companies from different countries and areas in the world in different ways professionally and constantly on business liaison, setting up business offices, harmonizing financial and pluralistic economical organization;

  • join yourself in our business clubs according to your business needs, and you will quickly develop your import and export business activities with less time and less traveling;

our pride
  • since our company was established in 2008, the companies we serve and the markets we touch have spread to many countries and regions in the world.

  • as a global professional supplier with our own distinctive, addictive and unforgettable services, we are proud that we have worked with or are currently working with and have served or are currently serving some of the world's most famous companies, such as snf group (, stoller global (, pilot chemical company (, jebsen & jessen (gmbh & co.) kg (, agricola nacional s.a.c.i. (, wiechers & helm gmbh & co. kg ( and so on.